In of itself, the term “Runner’s Knee” medically means very little. But to someone suffering from runner’s knee, it means the world. It means pain. It means diminished performance. It means inactivity.

Runner’s knee, in fact, is a broad term used to described a bunch of different causes of pain around the knee.

Common runner’s knee conditions:

  1. Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS)
  2. patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)
  3. chondromalacia patella

As an aside, we’ve known some folks that have gotten ITBS so badly that they had to walk up stairs sideways!

What can you do about runner’s knee? What are the steps if you have pain? What can you do to prevent runner’s knee?

To answer those questions, we have to take a look at what really causes conditions associated with runner’s knee. It’s 2 things really: overuse and your body not functioning as it should.

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Think for a moment about runner’s knee as a blister. What causes a blister? Continually rubbing a portion of your skin. And sometimes the action that creates a blister doesn’t have to be done too many times. When there’s enough pressure that blister comes on quickly.

Now think about actions running places on your body. They’re repetitive and they’re forceful.

Your heel strikes the ground, hard. Research shows that an impact like that can be felt all the way into your shoulders and neck.

Your IT band rubs against your femur over and over again. Your knees bend hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

Pain is going to happen.

Bad biomechanics

When you don’t have enough, or any, support for the arch in your foot, over time your foot flattens. When that happens, it’s not just your feet that feel the impact.

Study after study demonstrates that a collapsed arch in your foot has negative impact on the rest of your body. And that includes causing pain in your knee.

What Spark insoles does for your runner’s knee

First, our insoles are soft and shock absorbing. They help reduce the pain that is felt throughout your body when your foot comes in contact with the ground.

Second, by giving support to your arch, we help fight off any bad biomechanics that lead to pain in your knee.

Let’s get you in a pair of our Athletic insoles today.

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